Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tryfel and Glebedale Studs

On Thursday we visited Chris Cobley of the Tryfel stud, it was pouring with rain, yet he still showed us his ponies. He had a lovely filly and a beautiful brood mare. We did not get too wet as they were all in stables, it was just when he insisted that we see them move that we got a little wet. He definitely is a great character and makes you laugh (when you can understand him) and I would like to thank him for showing me his ponies. We then had to sprint to the car because it was pouring!

We then went to Glebedale stud where we were met by a very tired Jill Williams, who had just arrived back from Finland where she was judging. It was still raining quite substantially so she showed us around her ponies in the car. I was very impressed with her mares and an absolutely stunning steel grey filly and a roan sec B filly. She also had some lovely young stock who while still growing into their skin would be lovely when they were older. She also had a very cheeky orphan foal who tried to push us around! Jill and her family were really lovely and also had some lovely cows, I would like to thank them for showing us around. I apologise for not get any photos cause it was raining so much.

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