Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day with the vet

On Tuesday I was given the opportunity to spend the day with a equine vet from the local practice. I went out with the vet and a vet student who was doing her placement and visited a number of horse properties to see the patients. It was mostly scanning horses to determine if they were in foal or not, and one lamanitus patient and an injection that needed giving. The first three horses we scanned were not in foal and we thought we were off to a bad day, then we had some luck with a little riding pony mare who was in foal. The vet allowed me to put my had up her and feel what it was like, and although it sounds gross it was a really good experience! The next few horses we scanned were also in foal. The last one that we scanned was a massive grey warmblood X who needed to be sedated because she really did not like it, she was also in foal which was great news for the owner who cried after hearing it. The lamanitic patient was a grey new forest pony, who had just had too much love and the owners were very sorry that they had over fed him. It was a great day out and one that I will remember, It was also a great opportunity to see a bit of how many horses were kept in the country.

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