Friday, July 17, 2009

Eyarth and Hilin

On Monday we travelled up to north Wales, it was a long way and we took the scenic route to avoid Hereford. The scenery was breath taking and I loved the harsh ruggedness of the mountains, I took some amazing photos. Even the houses were more hardy looking, made from the local rock which were dark grey large bricks, they looked like they would last several lifetimes.

At Eyarth we were met by Jessie Parry and her son Joe. They were the loveliest people and were more than happy to show us around the ponies and tell us the facinating history of their property. We first met the beautiful stallion Hilin Etifedd and his mares for the season. They had some beautiful mares including Eyarth Athene and Eyarth Nata. I was also able to meet their old stallion Eyarth Celebration. Jessie and Joe were lovely people and all their ponies were just as friendly and I would like to thank them for showing us their beautiful ponies.

We then travelled a short distance to Hilin stud and were met by Dewi and Eirian Evans and their children, they were very lovely and we had some beautiful cakes as we talked. They first showed us some of the ponies that they had been showing which were all lovely ponies particuly their new colt and Hilin Cato. Dewi then showed us around the ponies and we were very impressed by some of the mares and foals and their stallions Hilin Carnedd and Eyarth Tayma. I would also like to thank the Evans family for their hospitality especialy after they were sheering sheep all day and we were then met by rain as we were looking at the ponies!

We then drove home and even though we took the shorter route we still didnt get home until really late!

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